Professional use of RaDoTech

RaDoTech helps you provide more effective solutions, consultations, and training programs, so your clients achieve better results. RaDoTech provides real-time insight into clients' results, so you can monitor long term changes and offer remote monitoring and consulting.

RaDoTech opens new horizons for professionals and practitioners in a variety of fields listed below.

RaDoTech scans can be used in 2 scenarios:

   1) while the client is in-office, or

   2) while the client is away from the office.

Professionals can provide their clients with a portable RaDoTech unit, so the clients' health can be remotely monitored.

With RaDoTech you can monitor (in real time) the functional state of your clients' 12 organs / 5 systems, see the Chi metrics and professional readings of your client's body. We highly recommend using contrast tests to monitor and compare the functional health of the client in both active and calm states.

This allows you to clearly see what state is compensatory and best for each client. Additionally, situational or conditional monitoring allows you to track your client's reactions to concrete situations such as sports, activities, foods, practices, and food supplements.

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