Story of RaDoTech

Dr. Zabolotniy has been using Ryodoraku technology for over 20 years. During this time his main focus was on dietary and functional correction. That said, he spent the last 2 decades using Ryodoraku technology to successfully monitor everyday people from children to pregnant women to people with pacemakers to elderly over 90 years old.

Dr. Zabolotniy’s published works include his educational 19-disc video course, which was recorded in 2011. In 2017, he partnered with Igor Berlinskiy to transfer this knowledge into a books and interactive learning materials. Now, in 2019, the duo is presenting the results of Dr. Zabolotniy’s 20 years of work in the form of a new book  and RaDoTech: personal health monitoring device.

For the majority of those 20 years, Dr. Zabolotniy never thought the Ryodoraku technology could be made available to everyday people in an easy-to-read format and at an affordable price. But now, thanks to modern digital technologies and his partnership with Igor Berlinskiy, he is able to introduce RaDoTech at-scale to the public.

For full understanding and achievement of best results it is very important to read Dr. Zabolotniy’s book. In it, he explains how our body functions and processes food so everyday people can learn how to use food as an instrument to a healthy body and life.

Important to understand that it is great to monitor our metrics and health with RaDoTech - but monitoring your health is not the same as saving your health or being healthy. You need to know your body and understand how it works and why it reacts positively or negatively to different situations and stimulants.

When you improve your understanding of how and why your body works the way it does, you can make choices that lead to a better, healthier life. This is the ultimate mission of RaDoTech, to not only help you monitor your health but to also teach you how to act appropriately and accordingly for your unique needs.