Team of RaDoTech

Dr. Konstantin Zabolotniy MD

RaDoTech Co-Founder and Ryodoraku Expert

Medical Training and Specialties:

Medical Doctor (MD), Health Technologies Expert, Ryodoraku health diagnostics expert, Pediatrician, Doctor of family medicine, Expert in naturopathy, Expert in functional diagnostics, Expert for individual functional health programs, Nutritionist.

Being a certified doctor, Konstantin, at the very beginning of his career started to look for a solution. It wasn’t only to help people improve their health when they were already ill, but to prevent it. His research brought him to discover the Japanese Ryodoraku technology, which he thoroughly tested before becoming confident that it is absolutely reliable. Since that moment, for the past 20 years, Konstantin has helped thousands of people catch signs of upcoming health problems and solve them, allowing them to stay healthy and active. His dream was to bring this technology to every home around the world, and to make staying healthy throughout life, something everyone can enjoy.

Dr. Konstantin Zabolotniy MD

Igor Berlinskiy

RaDoTech Co-Founder, CEO

There is always a different edge to it when personal involvement is on a deeper level than just business. Due to family matters, Igor knows from first hand how important it is to keep track of health and act early. This personal involvement and passion for bringing the opportunity of saving and supporting health are one of the main drivers of RaDoTech and lights a spark in the hearts of everyone on the team.

Before creating RaDoTech, Igor was, and still is, a serial Inventor, and entrepreneur. He is an Academic of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hanover, Germany), Honorable inventor of EU, author of 12 patents and intellectual property certificates, husband and father of 4 sons.

Igor Berlinskiy

Albert Vafin

IT Software Engineer

With more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, software development of varying complexity, creating mobile applications, and integrated solutions software/hardware, Albert has been involved in RaDoTech development from the very beginning. He has built a solid and secure structure of the RaDoTech app and helped with the overall architecture and usability tasks. After testing the early prototypes of RaDoTech for himself and his family, Albert keeps the RaDoTech system moving forward to make the software better and more effective.

Albert Vafin

Natalja Kauzova

Financier, economist, accountant. Experience in large international companies for over 25 years. Certified specialist in the European Union in the field of finance management. Responsible in the company for financial flows, the purity of transactions and compliance with all activities of financial international law.

Natalja Kauzova

Ludmila Pokladova, MD

Ophthalmologist with more than 25 years of experience, a professional doctor and an expert in the field of correction of children's vision, the author of the method of restoring the vision of myopia. In her spare time, Ludamila is an instructor in yoga and physical healing practices. Thanks to Ludmila’s efforts, RaDoTech was tested and proven to work with children, as well.

Ludmila Pokladova MD

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Tallinn, Oismae 37-54, 13514, Estonia
Registration number: 14250338 | DUNS number: 362994623

RaDoTech is not a medical device by any means. It cannot prevent, treat or cure any medical problems. If RaDoTech gives you any advice - you should consult with your doctor first. Just like any other modern device, it helps you in tracking and monitoring your daily metrics, lifestyle and fitness activities. Nonetheless, if one or more of your metrics levels are low or high and you see alarming dynamics, it would be wise to visit your doctor. 
Even if all your metrics are fine, it does not mean you should skip regular visits to your doctor.