Types Of Tests And How To Use Them

RaDoTech is versatile tool to monitor your health and functional reactions of your body to any changes or adjustments that you make over time.

By “functional” we understand how organ or system performs right now, at this very moment from functional point of view based on electrical charge feedback of organs cells through meridians representative points skin conductivity.

RaDoTech can be used with the following types of tests: 

  • Morning and sleep contrast test
  • Single test
  • Contrast test
    • General (in general active and then in a calm state, 10 minutes after active test)
    • Situational (before and after situation, like training, sports, action, flight, meditation, any physical activity)
    • Research (for example: before and after specific meal or specific food, before and after medication or food supplements / vitamins intake and any research that you would like to perform on your body).
  • Assistive test 

Now lets see each type of testing mode more in depth.

Morning and sleep contrast test

Right after you wake up, before you drink or eat anything. You can make a short trip to the toilet, if you need to, and then perform morning test before you do anything else.

Morning test shows you basis state of your body, this, when compared with other results collected over time with taken notes for each test, can clearly show you when your body feels better, at what time of morning (if it has effect on your body at all), how many hours of sleep is optimal specifically for you, how many hours you need to spend in bed to recover after different types of days (calm or stressed day, day with low or high physical activity, traveling or staying at home, work day or weekends / holidays), and much more scenarios and parameters effects of which you can track out by morning test. Top it up with measuring temperature and blood pressure, add sleep monitoring from your smartwatch or fitness tracker, and you will have the most complete picture of your sleep performance that is possible to get at home (you need thermometer and blood pressure monitor for that, RaDoTech does not measures this parameters).

To perform sleep contrast test just add test with RaDoTech right before you go to sleep and make notes of how you feel and how your day was. This will help you to see the difference and monitor how well your body recovers overnight. 

Single test

This is the best option when you need to check on how your body and organs are doing “in the moment”. It can be done by quick check up, single test takes just 2-3 minutes and you get the full picture of what is going on inside your body, your current actual functional state in the moment. 

Contrast test

Best option to see larger picture “before and after” in comparison to each other, that is why it is called “contrast test”. All 3 types of contrast tests with RaDoTech technically identical, the difference is in scenarios when these tests are taken.

  • General contrast test:
    • Regular and most often used monitoring test when you take 2 measurements with 10 minutes apart one from another. First test made during your normal day and normal activities, it is called active state test, then you need to relax with your eyes closed and keeping quiet for 10 minutes, then the second test is taken, which is called calm state test. For general contrast test you need about 15 minutes of your time. Comparing results of 2 tests you should look at which state your body feels better (where your lowest reading of weakest organ are higher - closer to norm corridor). In which state your readings are better - this should be your primary recovery and compensatory state. For example if you have better readings in active state - then you would be feeling better and recover faster in active state of your body, whether if your readings are better in calm state - this is state that you should mainly focus on and plan your activities and work accordingly. Remember - your compensatory (best reading state), is a mode of your body at which it compensates, recovers from stresses and rejuverates much better. Knowing that you can control and command your health and schedule for better performance.
  • Situational contrast test:
    • This tests mechanically done the same as it 2 single tests, no need to wait in a calm state, just do what you need or planned on doing right after taking first test (pre situation, your basis that you are starting with, and then after you through with situation take a second test and compare it to the first one, to see functional changes in your body. In some cases you can even perform 3 tests for even deeper analysis of changes, for example - right before sports, right after sports and 30-60 minutes after training is finished, or, if more appropriate, right in the middle of situation. Remember to make notes about which state test is taken in, and any other remarks that will help you later on with tests comparison and analysis.

      Situational contrast test is best for monitoring effects on your body from sports, meditation or any other physical activities.
  • Contrast research test:
    • This is mechanically exactly the same as situational contrast test, but performed to make a research on effects from foods, food supplements, vitamins, drinks (water, juicies, coffee, mineral waters…), any many more scenarios that fall under Contrast research test. Just remember that you should compare contrast tests or comparable tests between each other.

Assistive test 

Besides you, there are other people that you might like to test or would need to assist in performing the test with RaDoTech. In this mode you can perform any type of test, yet remember that person whom you are assisting to should hold many part (metall body) of RaDoTech and you should not touch that person when taking readings with nose sensor. 

  •  Your main focus in reading results should be on lowest reading for an organ. High readings are indicating that organ is doing some work, under pressure or overworking compensating for some other organ that is in insufficiency. Main task is to find most insufficient (suffering) organ and take care of it, helping it get back to norm and only then taking on caring for other organ that is also most often and deeper in insufficiency then others.  
  • Always remember to take off all metal objects touching your skin (implants and braces are safe, since they are inside your body).
  • For best results do moisturize your representative points by spraying water with spray bottle included.
  • General contrast test, for most accurate results, should be taken at least 1.5 hours after your last meal, best not to drink coffee or tea in that time before tests are done.

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The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker
The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker

The RaDoTech - Holistic Health Tracker

RaDoTech is a fast and safe health tracker that measures cell conductivity of 12 vital organs using safe electric currents. In as little as 2 minutes, you will have a snapshot of how optimal your internal health is. It provides a comprehensive view of internal health and performance, that complements data from other wearable trackers. The data gathered by RaDoTech produces accurate measurements and personalized suggestions on pinpointing the areas where you should focus on for the biggest improvements to your health.
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